#11 January 11.

#11 January 11.

> Cutting your arms will take you approx 8 hours….

Eight hours is wimpy, how about EIGHTY YEARS !?!

Here’s a particularly sick and depraved way to do it: prolong your
life as long as possible, run it out to the max, don’t smoke or drink,
screw prostitutes or shoot dope — that might make it too easy,
too quick. Naw, go for the ultimate slow dive, it’s better than a
grenade in the headrest I mean your friends can film this long
cruel process WITH IMPUNITY and what’s more it’s COMPLETELY UNSTOPPABLE.
Historically this method has had a 100% success rate so you never
feel embarassed or stupid hanging out with your arms taped up.
Best part is the moralizing buttheads cant stop you.

-Cliff Neighbors

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