#113 April 23.

#113 April 23.

The problem as I see it, is that the great majority of people are below the
intelligence required for sensible decisions to be made about who is going to
run our countries. Strange people get in because they are being voted for by
Alphas. These Alphas are of _normal_ (nominal?) intelligence and have normal
(no) drive/thrust/motive/interest in politics, the environment, ecology and
other topics which require curiosity, intelligence and drive. For many years,
it has been seen as a good thing for non-Alphas to limit their offspring,
whereas Alphas have been doing the rabbit-thing, as it were. We (I am so
pretentious) are our own worst enemy! What we should be doing is telling
Alphas to limit _their_ offspring and go into full steam production ourselves.

Of course, the only problem with this advice, is women. They generally act
very stupidly. I see them as the poison of humanity, mainly because of their
desire to mate with Alphas and thus lowering the general quality of their
offspring. Physically good women, _especially_ those with intelligence, should
seek out the intelligent men instead of the Alphas which they nearly all seem
to prefer. Just because someone is big, strong and macho does not mean that
they will make good mates/fathers/husbands. If only women could be
reprogrammed to be attracted to brain instead of brawn then this world could
stand a chance of evolving in a mature way instead of by a series of macho
confrontations and economic disasters. Basically it’s ALL the fault of sex.
Any intelligent genes always seem to get diluted because of the sex attraction
process. This is very bad and keeps the racial intelligence low.


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