#117 April 27.

#117 April 27.

> My friend has many misanthropic viewpoints, mostly related to
> humankind’s destruction of the environment.

Oh, I see. I used to be a serious naturalist too. I got all upset
about the species that we’ve killed, the enviromnents we’re
despoiling. Then I discovered the nilihistic viewpoint that it really
doesn’t matter. Unless you beleive in a Higher Plan for the universe,
it really doesn’t matter if the earth has it’s current highly varied
ecology, or a monoculture of slime molds and cockroaches. Who can say
that a sperm whale or antelope is a more valid organisim than the
cockroach? The organisims adapt to the enviromnent- there is no ‘good’
or ‘bad’, there’s only ‘successful’ or ‘extinct’. Humans will modify
the earth until we’re extinct. Whatever’s still around afterwards
will be more sucessful than we are.

-Eric Murray

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