#145 May 25.

#145 May 25.

Then there’s school.

Need I say more? Oh, let me, please… Consider the following: when
you say what you want to say, you get crappy marks. When you say what
THE PROFF wants you to say, (mainly puke back what he told you), you
get good marks. What the hell? I say we burn down all the schools
and replace them with photocopy centers. A proff hands you his
beliefs, you photocopy them, give it back, and he gives you an A.
Simple enough. None of this class nonsense. Just straight forward
ego stroking.

Proffs don’t really want to teach anyway. They’re all burnt out
husks, painfully blathering the same tired old lectures every year,
counting the days to retirement. Most of them have given up on the
idea of getting “bright and enthusiastic minds ready for the world”,
and now just think “keep the buggers busy for three hours” and kick
them out of the room.

And then there’s the rest of reality: capitalist, money oriented
insanity. I personally do not want 47 VCRs and a huge boat of a car.
I want some goddam emotional sensitivity from the universe. Remember
the days when everyone was trying to find themselves? Now everyone’s
trying to find a lot of neat, expensive toys to surround themselves
with. (Wadda ya expect from me, I’m a psychology student, looked down
on by all living things, a mote of dust in the educational eye)…


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