#148 May 28.

#148 May 28.

Sometimes there’s this wall of confusion between me and the outside world.
Things never make quite as much sense as I’d like them too. I want everything
to be totally clear and unambiguous. Other people seem content to make
assumptions about situations.

Later another guy asked me for money. I said “No, sorry.” and he seemed to
accept that. Then he said something that sounded to me like “Where do go?” I
thought, “Where do you go for what? What is he asking me?” I asked him what
he had said and he repeated it. I still didn’t know what he was asking, but I
was fairly certain I didn’t know the answer. I shook my head apologetically and
said “I don’t know.” Walking away from him, I suddenly realized he probably
said “Where’s the girl?” He saw a guy walking alone on a Saturday night, and
this was such a strange thing that it required an explanation. I guess even
the homeless do their part to enforce social norms.

-Paul Callahan

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