#172 June 21.

#172 June 21.

I’m pretty sure existence is meaningless. Once you give up
superstition (or religion or whatever), there seems to be a
straightforward logical progression to the conclusion that you’re just
a chemical machine. A machine that spends its time reacting in ways
that, evolutionarily speaking, tend to cause the generation of more,
similar chemical machines. The Universe doesn’t care. God is an
invention to help change the behaviour of said machines in ways that
will increase the population.

This is all very logical, and doesn’t require any leap of faith, or
any belief in something that we don’t understand currently. This
makes it incredibly attractive, intellectually. Unfortunately, it’s
also incredible depressing.

This is the source of angst, in the sense meant by the people who
created the term–the existentialists and nihilists of the last half
of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. This is the feeling
that all of Godot’s characters have. This is what causes the Sickness
Unto Death.

-Duke Robillard

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