#181 June 30.

#181 June 30.

Nothing that has me doing nothing.

Not suddenly nothing. Not completely nothing. See friends, see friends
some more, looks like things are improving, cheer up, get some work
done, cheer down, stop working. New self-delusion (or not a delusion,
but I give it up, regardless), I work some, stop working. I guess that
sort of thing has been happening for a long time but it doesn’t stop any
more. No more self-delusions. No habits at all. My new try at getting
up in the morning (using an electric timer as a radio) has predictably
stopped working. I just sleep through it, mostly, or perhaps I get up
and then go back to bed fifteen minutes later. Sometimes I actually
make it to class, but the number of steps involved in the process, all
of them very unreliable, is immense.

-Eric Boesch

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