#199 July 18.

#199 July 18.

I’ve decided that happiness is fundamentally unstable. I suppose there are
those who are nearly always happy, but they always seem to come across as
ignorant somehow…they tend to have some sort of crutch that I can’t buy into,
such as a faith which tells them “don’t worry, be happy, everyone will get
theirs in the end.”

Sometimes when I find that I’m enjoying myself, I feel like the cartoon
character who’s just run off the edge of a cliff but hasn’t noticed yet. The
fall is waiting, but as long as he doesn’t look down, he can walk on air…he
can never resist the temptation to peek, however, and the audience laughs as he
screams all the way down to the inevitable impact.

I must be so used to getting screwed that when I’m having fun, someone has to
pound it into my head that my feet are still on the ground. Otherwise I keep
checking to make sure and end up missing it all.

-Greg Parkhurst

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