#233 August 21.

#233 August 21. Do these people realize what *I* see when I look at them? I don’t think so. It’s one thing to not care what people think, it’s another to be ignorant. There’s this sense that the… Read More

#232 August 20.

#232 August 20. A story: I’m not sure if I included this in the original post, but I don’t exactly have much experience with women; truth be told, I’ve never had a real girlfriend before. So once again,… Read More

#231 August 19.

#231 August 19. I have nothing against society instilling certain values. In fact, it’s as outrageous to expect a child to develop ethical principles from scratch as it is to expect them to, say, reinvent the concept of… Read More

#230 August 18.

#230 August 18. Wait! Listen to me! I understand! I realize I’ve waxed a bit obtuse, but it’s not all that incoimprehensilbe! I just forgot where I was for a minute. I’m not trying to preach or entertain… Read More

#229 August 17.

#229 August 17. From the alt.angst FAQ by Erik Radmall Other than that, you can use the rule of thumb that states “If it feels bad, post it.” Chicken Little is an excellent example of someone who should… Read More

#228 August 16.

#228 August 16. I recently discovered that whenever I whined/complained/lamented about my life, I was always presented with a bunch of strong advice, like commit myself to Siddha yoga, volunteer, meditate, take a vacation, visit the parents, extension… Read More

#227 August 15.

#227 August 15. On the crisis line that I worked with for 5+ years, about half of our “chronics” were wankers… The other half seemed mainly to depend on the crisis line as a means of reaffirming their… Read More

#226 August 14.

#226 August 14. so tired that i couldn’t even sleep so many secrets i couldn’t keep promised myself i wouldn’t weep one more promise i couldn’t keep it seems no one can help me now i’m in too… Read More

#225 August 13.

#225 August 13. This is the age old question, ‘Is there any purpose or meaning to this existence ?’ to which we on alt.angst have come to resounding conclusion that the answer is a fat ‘No’. It keeps… Read More

#224 August 12.

#224 August 12. i mean, in theory, i have almost everything you could want: a job that pays enough to live on but doesn’t take up too much of my time, creative projects that intrigue me, amusing housemates… Read More