#273 September 30.

#273 September 30. I stand here with gold in my pockets. Are they unaware of it? Do they think it’s shit? Are they complete arseholes?

#272 September 29.

#272 September 29. And I asked “Can I lose more self-respect?” And my boss said “See you tomorrow.”

#271 September 28.

#271 September 28. I got a “No” every time I asked.

#270 September 27.

#270 September 27. Thus the volunteer minister, in the tradition of this new world religion, is a leader who brings greater freedom to people so that they may go out and free others, happier all in their understanding… Read More

#269 September 26.

#269 September 26. i do want to find a hole to hide in. i’m so sick and tired of my life and the shape that it’s in.. sleeping all the time sounds nice in comparison. at least dreams… Read More

#268 September 25.

#268 September 25. I don’t remember what I said, if I had started screaming yet. He rolled his eyes and gave me a look of disgust. “Come on. I have a new apartment, a new job, a new… Read More

#267 September 24.

#267 September 24. He sat up and looked out the window. “I have to leave you. I want a divorce,” he said. “Not now,” I said. “We can talk about what’s upsetting you when we get home from… Read More

#266 September 23.

#266 September 23. Some nights I would find myself roaming the beaches, digging up baby crabs and eating handfuls of sand – this was in the middle of the night when the sky was so clear that I… Read More

#265 September 22.

#265 September 22. So, what’s it like when you start to doubt reality? Unpleasant. You can suddendly get panic attacks which are horrible. Then the eerie feeling that reality doesn’t exist, coupled with the inevitable depression. Very painful…. Read More

#264 September 21.

#264 September 21. Ulcers are common and hurt very much. At times your stomach is burning, and you cannot find a position where it doesn’t hurt. Other times you feel very hungry. The pain can get so intense… Read More