#304 October 31.

#304 October 31. i’m tired of living because i’ll never be happy again because i’ll never find anybody because i can’t attract anyone because i’m ugly and stupid and slow and dumb and always in everybody’s way who… Read More

#303 October 30.

#303 October 30. she knew i wouldn’t amount to shit that’s why she left she’s not crazy for leaving i’m the one that’s crazy crazy for believing i was any different and i’m sure she’s not going to… Read More

#302 October 29.

#302 October 29. i have no real friends people in the lab just tolerate me john don’t like me lord knows what his girlfriend thinks i see them get all skittish around me smiling nervously cracking inane jokes… Read More

#301 October 28.

#301 October 28. she was on a field trip but now she’s back home with mommy and daddy obviously living a wonderful life they saved her again she ran and didn’t look back which proves that it was… Read More

#300 October 27.

#300 October 27. i’m tired of faking like i’ll find somebody else if i can’t get a shameless ho to be with me how am i going to attract somebody respectful? then i will have to hurt them… Read More

#299 October 26.

#299 October 26. i’m tired of faking like i’m not unhappy like i’ve gotten over it like everything’s okay like i’m not the one who is crazy she’s gone back and is living happily ever after smoking and… Read More

#298 October 25.

#298 October 25. things with the shelter providers were real horrendous, the weather was horrible, i was sick, all that. i decided to post it because i felt like i was faking you guys (not that any of… Read More

#297 October 24.

#297 October 24. Q: I’m a failure. Will telling about it get me on the alt.angst calendar? A: Only if your failure can make a great number of people think about their own life and despair.

#296 October 23.

#296 October 23. It’s raining. Oh, what a metaphor. -Flemming Kaspersen

#295 October 22.

#295 October 22. Usually if I happen to meet a guy who I find interesting enough nothing happens. This guy nearly always either has a standard girlfriend or gets interested in a standard type of girl. Or at… Read More