#334 November 30.

#334 November 30. My mouth was dry and tasted of ashes. All hope was gone, abandoned. I had crossed the threshold of doom. -William Hjortsberg, “Falling Angel”

#333 November 29.

#333 November 29. If you’re a Christian, you’re doomed to hell if you don’t accept Christ as your personal “savior.” Other than that, you’re stuck in this permanent “blissed” out state called “Heaven,” that would have to get… Read More

#332 November 28.

#332 November 28. I thought I understood Real Angst after reading those sorry-ass German pukes’ (no slam against the Vaterland or its natives intended) definitions of existence. Have you ever seen a painting of Schopenhauer? What a dreary… Read More

#331 November 27.

#331 November 27. I wanted so badly to walk up to her, and tell her, “you are beautiful”. But for some reason, I just couldn’t do it. Just walk walk walk right up to her, and say, “you… Read More

#330 November 26.

#330 November 26. I knew someone who suicided years ago. He was a chemical engineer and I don’t know what he used, but he made it appear to be a heart attack to everyone else. (He left a… Read More

#329 November 25.

#329 November 25. > Thanksgiving… This sucks…I hate it. And I had to go through it this afternoon at the family feast. Both my brothers and their respective wives/PIBs showed up for dinner with me and my parents… Read More

#328 November 24.

#328 November 24. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Yes, I called the mom-unit and explained that I didn’t feel like driving for six hours after I get off of work tonight, just to have dinner with my family. I didn’t… Read More

#327 November 23.

#327 November 23. Being attracted to a woman always gives rise to very strong emotions in me; most of them are negative: fear, anger, loneliness, and panic. -David E. Lightener

#326 November 22.

#326 November 22. Recently I woke up and decided that if I lost my job I would kill myself that day. Walking in front of a moving bus is still my prefered method. -David E. Lightener

#325 November 21.

#325 November 21. You get on the path of “just waiting to die”, like so many “mature adults” are on. The worst thing in life is boredom and mediocrity. When there is no hope of change, that’s when… Read More