#324 November 20.

#324 November 20. Life should be fun, it should be an education, each day should be filled with new experiences — positive learning experiences. But it ain’t. Each sodding day I crawl outta bed and I come to… Read More

#323 November 19.

#323 November 19. He hasn’t fired me yet but I’m not one who is brimming with self-confidence. I have difficulty working in a hostile environment; let alone difficulty thriving. My boss has been my anchor in the storm… Read More

#322 November 18.

#322 November 18. I just got my annual review, today, of my work performance. The past two years, it’s been okay-to-good. This time it is distinctly bad. My boss is a really decent guy, so I can argue… Read More

#321 November 17.

#321 November 17. and here i am, one of the people that he’s come to with questions for the last half year while he’s trying to learn these things, and i can’t even get a job as a… Read More

#320 November 16.

#320 November 16. it has been one of the most depressing days in quite a while. -jason downs

#319 November 15.

#319 November 15. The “volume method” I refer to is where you take the theory that given an infinite supply of women (most major cities and urban areas) there exists a set of women who will boink with… Read More

#318 November 14.

#318 November 14. Wheeee, the “pity fuck”. I don’t know for sure if this routine actually works; I suspect it does on some women, some of the time, though I haven’t really tried it much myself. The whole… Read More

#317 November 13.

#317 November 13. i exhaust all those around me because no one knows what to do i am a failure at everything or at least i feel like one i scare all those around me and when i’m… Read More

#316 November 12.

#316 November 12. i curse too much i am slow i am dumb i am uninteresting i am quite insecure i often feel- screw it, am very ugly i am quite miserable and angry i am abusive to… Read More

#315 November 11.

#315 November 11. 5.38p: i get up and go to use the bathroom. i can barely manage to sit on the toilet seat, i am so nervous. 5.39p: the phone rings. i answer it. a woman is on… Read More