#314 November 10.

#314 November 10. this must be my destiny. i should stop hoping for things to get better, because obviously i’ll be hoping for a long time. -Malcolm Moore

#313 November 9.

#313 November 9. the principal of the school, being the crafty old fart that he was, must’ve realized that i liked my punishment, and thus dreamed up something even more cunning, and placed me back with other kids…. Read More

#312 November 8.

#312 November 8. school was my real problem, and the original source of angst in my life. i was the class outcast, the loner, the nerd, the fat boy, the whatever. they would think up more at the… Read More

#311 November 7.

#311 November 7. i don’t know how to deal with people i don’t want to anymore i want to go somewhere where i won’t bother anybody cos that’s all i do is bother people hopefully it will happen… Read More

#310 November 6.

#310 November 6. i’m so lonely and so tired tired of faking tired of acting like nothing is wrong tired of acting like i’m over it i thought i was changing but people don’t change i would have… Read More

#309 November 5.

#309 November 5. i’m sinking falling not advancing retreating some dudes enjoy being alone i don’t but i am alone and will probably be for the rest of my life because no one will want to invest their… Read More

#308 November 4.

#308 November 4. that’s why she can give up on things so easily i’m an easy person to give up on easy to reject easy to make fun of because i’m so slow and so autistic i’ve managed… Read More

#307 November 3.

#307 November 3. rejected because i’m un-smart and un-funny nobody laughs at my jokes i feel so stupid but she has tons of friends and tons of lovers because she has what it takes obviously she’s normal that’s… Read More

#306 November 2.

#306 November 2. my mother was right i’m a hopeless nobody unnecessary nobody would give a shit if i lived or died no one would be at my funeral who’d want to come to the funeral of a… Read More

#305 November 1.

#305 November 1. i don’t progress my mother was right i regress i go backward i don’t even try i don’t know how ‘just find somebody else’ everyone says but they don’t understand nobody understands i’m a complete… Read More