#355 December 21.

#355 December 21. I cry now. Good, thick, heavy tears. I let them roll way down past my nose to my chin and feel them brushed away by my shoulder. I choke out “God, I wish I was… Read More

#354 December 20.

#354 December 20. No, all men are not equal. I’m better than everyone else. But seriously, while the details of each of our lives may differ, we tend in general to share the same emotions, hopes, fears and… Read More

#353 December 19.

#353 December 19. I find myself in an interesting position, I feel lost from the rest of society. Having been in a black depression for three years now, trying to come out of it is killing me. I… Read More

#352 December 18.

#352 December 18. And of course THEY are probably reading this, but fuck ’em. If they want to make me “disappear” like they do to people every once in a while, (Sometimes the stress gets to people and… Read More

#351 December 17.

#351 December 17. The typical nervous symptoms are: trembling hands, dry throat, frequent liquid shits and and a feeling of insecurity. This can go on for years. Sometimes it seems to have passed but just a little stress… Read More

#350 December 16.

#350 December 16. driving along the highway really made me realize what a mess we are i wish i had more time to wallow but i have too much meaningless shit to do why do we all move… Read More

#349 December 15.

#349 December 15. Xmas is a pagan festival hijacked by the cult known as Xtianity. Xmas is basically celebrated by having horrible jingles playing in all the shops since October, coloured lights put up all over the place,… Read More

#348 December 14.

#348 December 14. “And a very happy National Non-Denominational Gift Giving Season to you to sir!” -Stephen Okay

#347 December 13.

#347 December 13. Actually, I consider Santa Claus to be another aspect of the commercialization. I think I was thirteen before I realized that there were young children who were actually taught to *believe* in Santa, and I… Read More

#346 December 12.

#346 December 12. I have never been able to start a relationship with a woman; sometimes I can barely tollerate the isolation I’ve felt all these years. I try to avoid loneliness with various friendships, but presently I… Read More