#31 January 31.

#31 January 31. The point I was trying to make is that post-teenage angst is the sense that you wasted your one and only chance to change the world, or at least your section of it on trivial… Read More

#30 January 30.

#30 January 30. Its so easy in our society to manufacture happiness and convince people that they’re happy when they’re really not. You’re never supposed to be sad or show distress or angst, that would disturb others and… Read More

#29 January 29.

#29 January 29. Teen angst is something that results when you realize that the whole world is screwed up and you only have a few useful years to do anything about it before you get sucked into being… Read More

#28 January 28.

#28 January 28. Angst: Realizing that even good advice is resented by the hearer, and the teller hated. -Malcolm L. Carlock

#27 January 27.

#27 January 27. I’d just like to tell everyone that, as I’m typing this, I’m fucking this girl I just met (you can imagine the position). Now, this girl is beeeeeaaautiful, and she and I would just like… Read More

#26 January 26.

#26 January 26. I find it severely depressing that I can’t always enjoy life even though it _is_ completely meaningless. Humankind is merely a bunch of frenetic bits of protoplasm, busily killing other bits of protoplasm so they… Read More

#25 January 25.

#25 January 25. # Geez, guys, why don’t you throw yourselves under a truck or something # if you feel that way. Yes, life is hard and can be quite painful–I’d # say I’ve experienced more than my… Read More

#24 January 24.

#24 January 24. There is no hope. -Eric Murray In this game, the winner is also the loser, and the judge’s decisions are final

#23 January 23.

#23 January 23. So, you think the average American is so superficial it makes you sick huh?? Well this attitude makes me very angry and …. wait a moment ……”Wheel of Fortune” just came on……later! -Martin Stuczynski you… Read More

#22 January 22.

#22 January 22. I fucking hate emotions more than anything else in this world. I hate what they make you feel and even more what they make you do. If there is anything that could make my life… Read More