#21 January 21.

#21 January 21. This is my official notice of intent to resign from any further pursuit of ever finding a mate. I will now go with much too little sleep, eat way too little, drink too much coffee,… Read More

#20 January 20.

#20 January 20. There’s little in taking or giving, There’s little in water or wine: This living, this living, this living, Was never a project of mine. Oh, hard is the struggle, and sparse is The gain of… Read More

#19 January 19.

#19 January 19. First or late any intelligent man reflecting on his life will find that out mortality is the most important and basic thing. Everything else should come after this consciusness. It is wrong to believe in… Read More

#18 January 18.

#18 January 18. How often do I see it, the lonely man, trying to make his life just a bit less lonely, stumbling into new, scary territory, risking embarassment and social ostracization, watch him fail miserably, get labeled… Read More

#17 January 17.

#17 January 17. ”Goodbye cruel world I’m leaving you today Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye. Goodbye all you people There’s nothing you can say To make me change my mind, Goodbye.” -Pink Floyd

#16 January 16.

#16 January 16. There is a need within us all to be close to other human beings. We all fear to be close to others, therefore we distance ourselves, either literally, or by using false selves so we… Read More

#15 January 15.

#15 January 15. I gave up Usenet for a couple months. I don’t suppose anyone missed me. It happened on a balmy June day as I walked along a North Carolina beach, watching dead and dying things get… Read More

#14 January 14.

#14 January 14. I close my eyes, death creeps upon me for of life I can no longer see Drowning further into darkness, blackness captures me. Life to me was simply no good; I could no longer stand… Read More

#13 January 13.

#13 January 13. Death is before me today: Like the odor of myrrh, Like sitting under a sail in a good wind. Death is before me today: Like the course of a stream, Like the return of a… Read More

#12 January 12.

#12 January 12. Anxiety Attack O god am I depressed; this always happens to me when I’m sitting at the terminal avoiding serious work and I think O my God! I’m wasting away my life which has no… Read More