#11 January 11.

#11 January 11. > Cutting your arms will take you approx 8 hours…. Eight hours is wimpy, how about EIGHTY YEARS !?! Here’s a particularly sick and depraved way to do it: prolong your life as long as… Read More

#10 January 10.

#10 January 10. As I grow older, I grow weary of the little tricks people play on themselves to convince themselves that they are useful and important. Gravity is useful and important. Time is useful and important. Nature,… Read More

#9 January 9.

#9 January 9. Life is pointless, Death is pointless, only SPAM has meaning. -David William Crook

#8 January 8.

#8 January 8. The only thing that keeps me from the oblivion after a thoroughly pointless existence is the meager personal enjoyment I can scratch from the opressive shithole that we live in. This is a personal thing…. Read More

#7 January 7.

#7 January 7. Why live? To be humiliated, pestered, bothered, abused, to suffer, to be in pain, to be sad and depressed, to get sick, to grow old, to watch yourself decay with the years, to eat cafeteria… Read More

#6 January 6.

#6 January 6. “What is the meaning of life”? “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything”? “Why am I here”? “What is my purpose”? The answer to these questions, which have been puzzling philosophers for… Read More

#4 January 4.

#4 January 4. Reasons for/against life for | against —————————-+————————– | easier just to die | | future is just like past – | why prolong it | | every day passes like the last, | minute by… Read More

#3 January 3.

#3 January 3. Sometimes I am foolish enough to indulge in a little nostalgia for those poigna nt days of my youth. But such strolls down memory lane only serve by way of co ntrast to exacerbate the… Read More

#2 January 2.

#2 January 2. THE WHOLE YEAR SUCKS Januarys cold and dark. That sucks, right through until February, when its my birthday, which always sucks. Then March is usually windy, but even if its not, it sucks. April suck… Read More

#1 January 1.

#1 January 1. “Son, I just want you to know: life is a black sucking vortex of anguish and despair, filled with brief moments of false hope and empty joy all the while dragging you inevitably closer to… Read More