#49 February 18.

#49 February 18. “Amor vincit omnia, not” [Latin for “Love conquers all, not”] Well, love hath conquered me many times. When it is done conquering, it stomps on my bleeding carcass, kicks me in the nose, rips my… Read More

#48 February 17.

#48 February 17. I used to have dreams that my parents were really psychologists engaged in an experiment on me that would eventually be done and get rid of me. In the dream, my father tries to bury… Read More

#47 February 16.

#47 February 16. WORD ASSOCIATION POEM Valentines Day Massacre Roses Thorns Hearts Blood Cards Bad Hand Boxed Candy Boxed in Head Love A LIE! A Stinking LIE! We’re ALONE! All of us are alone! We enter the world… Read More

#46 February 15.

#46 February 15. ‘Because you gave no answer, I hope you get cancer, and that the pricks you fancy, treat you like shit, and may you get a terminal disease.’ -John P. Doherty

#45 February 14.

#45 February 14. And the truth shall not make you free- just uncomfortable. -Tod Mikuriya

#44 February 13.

#44 February 13. Roses are red Violets are blue Leave me alone I want to die. -The winner of the Angst Poetry Contest at Carleton College

#43 February 12.

#43 February 12. Just remember that women hate ALL men, not just you. They pretend to like the ones that they see they can get material gain from. -Frederick J. Polsky

#42 February 11.

#42 February 11. Isn’t it nice the way that people tend to forget that all solvable problems are meaningless, until their solvable problems have been temporarily solved? Kill myself, or live as a [burden on/productive member of] society?… Read More

#41 February 10.

#41 February 10. “Why am I here”? To imitate the earthworms. Food in the one end, shit out the other. 70 years of shit if you’re not faulty. You might even get the chance to create other earthworms… Read More

#40 February 9.

#40 February 9. It is very hard to live without values. Life becomes confusing, meaningless and disconnected if everything is equally good, or equally bad. The first step in the direction of a meaning with it all is… Read More