#39 February 8.

#39 February 8. I think it’s about time we introduce a new word (well, two to be more precise) denoting the sacred state of complete meaninglessness: ‘The existetial vacuum’. Our home was given name by Austrian psychiatrist Viktor… Read More

#38 February 7.

#38 February 7. I have one single thing to say: ARRGH!!!!!!!! Why the hell does life suck so much? Just why does the existance of every living thing on this planet have to be marred by the fact… Read More

#37 February 6.

#37 February 6. > I once heard a blues singer say that there are only three types of blues: > > 1) The “I aint got no money” blues > 2) The “I aint got no woman” blues… Read More

#36 February 5.

#36 February 5. My company is the perfect place for the corporate-climbing dweeb who just went to school to make money. The sort of person “Future’s So Bright” is about. And that ain’t me — the attitude of… Read More

#35 February 4.

#35 February 4. >Everyone knows that being a sports fan is supposed to provide a mix of >emotions for people who normally don’t get the opportunity to >experience them. I for one think that the SB succeeds completely… Read More

#34 February 3.

#34 February 3. Yes folks, you got it. You, your wallets, and your TVs and all your friends and their TVs and their wallets are slaved, hypnotized, mesmerized and silently pilfered by good ol’ giggling Uncle Adolph once… Read More

#33 February 2.

#33 February 2. I am so fucking sick of seeing the line “Get a life.” These people always seem to think that if someone’s life doesn’t meet their standards then they obviously do not have a life. Fuck… Read More

#32 February 1.

#32 February 1. I don’t know what she wants, but I know its not me. I mean, its never me, is it? That’s all I know about women. A short statement. Whoever they might be looking for, its… Read More