#90 March 31.

#90 March 31. “most of us have only two or three genuinely interesting moments in our lives, the rest is filler, and at the end of our lives, most of us will be lucky if any of those… Read More

#89 March 30.

#89 March 30. > When the Universe starts being *this* nice to me, I can only assume that it’s > just setting me up for a bigger fall. > But when? Angst and shit are very Newtonian. Equal… Read More

#88 March 29.

#88 March 29. Remember, when you stare into the void, it totally ignores you, after all, its a void. It can’t do anything, you’re just wasting your time staring into blank nothingness. Don’t you feel stupid now having… Read More

#87 March 28.

#87 March 28. I cannot tell you to do this or to do that, nor tell you that the things which affect you should *not* affect you if you do not wish it. What I can tell you… Read More

#86 March 27.

#86 March 27. Well here I am again………. all my faith in human nature and relationships shattered once again . i wonder how long it’s going to take for me to finally realise how little I’m worth to… Read More

#85 March 26.

#85 March 26. Unfortunately I don’t have the guts just now … give me a week to work up to it … and who knows … I may be able to ruin my personal tutor’s and councellor’s careers… Read More

#84 March 25.

#84 March 25. and you, you whoever you are will go home to your houses and your families and your own lives and have dinner and go to sleep and wake up the next morning and maybe think… Read More

#83 March 24.

#83 March 24. You know, I’m sitting here and you’re sitting there and you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m trying to say because I’m being so damn incoherent; but I can’t help it, because what I’m trying… Read More

#82 March 23.

#82 March 23. Don’t you see? It doesn’t even matter if you ever get the courage to talk to her. It doesn’t matter if she says she loves you and makes you happy and you spend the rest… Read More

#81 March 22.

#81 March 22. My attitude isn’t ‘I want to die’ or ‘I want to live’ but ‘If I die in the next second, what will I care?’ So I take risks, and I have a reckless attitude about… Read More