#80 March 21.

#80 March 21. Newsgroups: alt.suicide.holiday Date: 13 May 92 01:27:39 GMT well , i’m sitting hetre with blod dripping off my wrists into my bin … i’ve had a lot to drink so excuse bad spellin…. ive had… Read More

#79 March 20.

#79 March 20. My life is completely meaningless. When I consider its various epochs, then my life goes like the word Schnur in the dictionary, which means firstly a string, and secondly a daughter-in-law. The only thing missing… Read More

#78 March 19.

#78 March 19. For being sensitive and understanding, one generally ends up being taken for granted, unappreciated, lonely, and inevitably, depressed. The opposite sex, at least from a male perspective, tend to ignore a person who adopts this… Read More

#77 March 18.

#77 March 18. > That’s as close as I can come to describing how I feel. Anyone else ever > feel like this? Does it ever end? nope, it never ends. oh, sure, sometimes it goes away.. but… Read More

#76 March 17.

#76 March 17. The funniest part is I don’t really know how I feel. Numb, I feel numb that’s the closest I can come to a description. Here are some of the symptoms: 1) I constanly feel tired… Read More

#75 March 16.

#75 March 16. >Life is so precious..to take it away is just such a waste. That is an arbitrary statement of value. Not everyone feels that life is precious. Some feel that nothing actually has value. Value is… Read More

#74 March 15.

#74 March 15. About life being precious: well depends upon who is buying. And what life. Life in general seems awfully common to me. Particular lives, that i have dealt with are precious to _me_ they may not… Read More

#73 March 14.

#73 March 14. Noone knows but those who can’t tell us. -Andy Hawks

#72 March 13.

#72 March 13. So I got in a tub, sliced myself open, and lay in the water. The inital shock is strange a burning sensation up your arm that spreads throughout your body. At first it stings a… Read More

#71 March 12.

#71 March 12. “The suicide threat via computer tied up many hours of counseling and public safety staff time to follow up on your well being.” “I see the purpose (of what I put on the computer” as… Read More