#120 April 30.

#120 April 30. i am getting a migraine. i am beginning to see the pretty colors that are surrounding everything in my vision. i can imagine the vice-like skull- crushing pain that will soon be pouring into my… Read More

#119 April 29.

#119 April 29. and to make it worse, none of this is anyone’s fault. it just *is*, and there’s not a lot that can be done about it right now. so when i say “bitch, moan, gripe, blah… Read More

#118 April 28.

#118 April 28. Part of being so depressed (like I’m feeling right now) is I busy my life with a hundred different obligations to a hundred different people or groups, so on any given night there’s somebody or… Read More

#117 April 27.

#117 April 27. > My friend has many misanthropic viewpoints, mostly related to > humankind’s destruction of the environment. Oh, I see. I used to be a serious naturalist too. I got all upset about the species that… Read More

#116 April 26.

#116 April 26. People are stupid little reproductive units, doing their little illusion-of-free-will pre-programmed reproductive dance. Our only purpose is to make more little reproductive units as fast as possible, while keeping all the other units from doing… Read More

#115 April 25.

#115 April 25. i am incapable of feeling anything, i am devoid of all sensation. i will never again experience pain. nothing will hurt me again. i also know that i will never feel anything good either. but… Read More

#114 April 24.

#114 April 24. The person who cares the least controls the relationship.

#113 April 23.

#113 April 23. The problem as I see it, is that the great majority of people are below the intelligence required for sensible decisions to be made about who is going to run our countries. Strange people get… Read More

#112 April 22.

#112 April 22. “Shitty day, Beth.” “Shitty day, Bill.” “How’s the Void today?” “Dismal, Bill, dismal.” “Die a slow painful death, Beth.” “Die a slow painful death, Bill.”

#111 April 21.

#111 April 21. Angst is not an external subject or a philosophical “school.” To the degree that it is anything, I think it’s an overwhelming feeling … like a bad acid trip or hearing that your parents have… Read More