#151 May 31.

#151 May 31. ‘Things went completely out of hand when ‘Spot’ died. I started taking sedatives. But when someone called them ‘loony-smarties’ I threw them in the fireplace. Instead I started drinking and eating excessively. I gained 30… Read More

#150 May 30.

#150 May 30. I can’t get to sleep at night any more – I go to bed at maybe 2am, finally get to sleep at around 6 or 7, and sleep fitfully until around 2pm, them get up… Read More

#149 May 29.

#149 May 29. I imagine one of the most soul destroying experiences an individual can go through is the condition of not fitting in, being continually aloof, never really connecting with any other human beings, except in brief… Read More

#148 May 28.

#148 May 28. Sometimes there’s this wall of confusion between me and the outside world. Things never make quite as much sense as I’d like them too. I want everything to be totally clear and unambiguous. Other people… Read More

#147 May 27.

#147 May 27. I still have angst over the pointless of my life, my lack of motivation to work on all the projects I conceive, my inability to write. I still have days where I don’t want to… Read More

#146 May 26.

#146 May 26. When you’re reduced to spending most of your time just trying to survive, you don’t have the luxury of feeling sorry for yourself. Angst didn’t exist until soceity got advanced enough that we could forget… Read More

#145 May 25.

#145 May 25. Then there’s school. Need I say more? Oh, let me, please… Consider the following: when you say what you want to say, you get crappy marks. When you say what THE PROFF wants you to… Read More

#144 May 24.

#144 May 24. Parents. Swine bastards from hell. They feed and clothe you for years and then they get back at you by forcing you to rake leaves when you stop by to pick up the money they… Read More

#143 May 23.

#143 May 23. who the fuck do i think i am, anyway? i hang out here, post all this stuff, present myself as some sort of authority who actually knows something about how to live, and in reality… Read More

#142 May 22.

#142 May 22. Dear God, Thank you for giving me freedom. I’m going to use my freedom like this: work for 35 years, 9 hrs a day with only 2 weeks of holiday a year, then get fired,… Read More