#141 May 21.

#141 May 21. The definition of angst: ———————————————— | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ? | | | | | | | | | |… Read More

#140 May 20.

#140 May 20. Life is boring. Its dullness cuts to the bone. It leaves no taste in my mouth, no smile on my face. It flows from day to day without changing. I feel no pain or pleasure…. Read More

#139 May 19.

#139 May 19. I’d say my social life is in a shambles, except that I haven’t got one. Apparently, it’s not that I’m unattractive (although my pupils are dilated from the 20 milligrams of Prozac I take daily,… Read More

#138 May 18.

#138 May 18. I can’t wait til the next time I talk to her It agravates the hell out of me when I just miss her on the net, she is terminally happy and 10 years younger than… Read More

#137 May 17.

#137 May 17. Angst: is like the before the first time you ever had sex and you were worried about screwing up (or any of the usual things that virgins worry about). Bitterness: is after the first time… Read More

#136 May 16.

#136 May 16. it’s been a long time but I still care die a slow horrible death live a long miserable life for me if you’re feeling low when you need advice call me if you don’t know… Read More

#135 May 15.

#135 May 15. These are people, not robots. This is not a huge experiment with me as the subject. Nobody has a notebook filled with notes about me. But it’s such an attractive solution… can there be that… Read More

#134 May 14.

#134 May 14. And then you sit there, quietly telling yourself “No, no, it’s not happening” but it is. You’re slowly getting more and more depressed. You try the “No, No”-routine again. It doesn’t help. Nothing can ward… Read More

#133 May 13.

#133 May 13. I just saw some teenagers with cancer being interviewed. They all said that, after the cancer is diagnosed, they despaired and became very depressed. But then they suddendly started to love life more than they… Read More

#132 May 12.

#132 May 12. Hanging: this has been my favorite recently because of how useless I have been. Guilt and feeling contemptible: I deserve to die like a criminal. -Eric Boesch