#171 June 20.

#171 June 20. > Why bother? Instant and profound answer; Why not? It’s not like you have something better to do. -Lucifuge The Lord is my Shepherd……………………….but I’m not a Sheep

#170 June 19.

#170 June 19. The idea that there is a real, intellectually based angst, which develops out of literary and philosophical movements, and which is somehow more authentic and pure an angst than one based on emotional dissatisfaction with… Read More

#169 June 18.

#169 June 18. people who see beyond the surface aren’t so lucky. rejecting conventional notions of boundaries leaves one wondering who does have control of reality, which leads to the problem at the core of angst: no evidence… Read More

#168 June 17.

#168 June 17. so we live our lives as attempts to impose control and order on a world that won’t give up any. our lives are a search for edges; we want boundaries and handles. if we can… Read More

#167 June 16.

#167 June 16. Trust me, the first time I got a Ken doll and changed his clothes, I had a Colossal Brain Dump because he was not equipped like my little brother at all. I knew Bubba was… Read More

#166 June 15.

#166 June 15. If I were twenty again, with the experience I have now, I might still have a chance to improve my situation. I feel that even if I finally meet some woman and develop a happy,… Read More

#165 June 14.

#165 June 14. The fact that no one was willing and that I was getting into a smaller and smaller group of adult virgins was the main concern, especially sice I saw people around me meet for the… Read More

#164 June 13.

#164 June 13. One summer I staid on campus to take a few classes and met this woman Sarah. We seemed to be getting along quite well: she asked me to an outdoor jazz festival, she made me… Read More

#163 June 12.

#163 June 12. The fact that no one seemed interested in me was the main burden. I often felt like a freak. I had absolutely no idea how people made the transition from being friends to being involved…. Read More

#162 June 11.

#162 June 11. I’m twenty-five, and was a virgin until I was twenty-four. I lost my virginity in a one-night stand with a woman I haven’t seen since and have no desire to see. The only reason I… Read More