#212 July 31.

#212 July 31. Draw a circle. Fine. That’s all you know and are able to comprehend. Now, draw a circle around that. Good. That’s what you can be able to know/comprehend/apprehend, by just doing a little bit of… Read More

#211 July 30.

#211 July 30. I don’t want to look at the world anymore. It either has something attractive which experience has taught me is impossible to get, or something ugly and depressing. -Steven Snedker

#210 July 29.

#210 July 29. Definition of the classic comedy: The little clever one, cheats the big stupid/powerful/respected one. Definition of the clasic tragedy: A Noble person has a noble project that turns to shit in his hands. Definition of… Read More

#209 July 28.

#209 July 28. More about birds. The goshawk is a predator. the female stays at the nest while the male flies out to get food. If another male comes by, she’ll let herself get fucked in return for… Read More

#208 July 27.

#208 July 27. Later Anders Pape Moeller caught the male swallow and spent the day watching what the female did in his absence. The female was offered lots of sex by male swallows that came looking. The male… Read More

#207 July 26.

#207 July 26. “90% of all birds, stay with the same partner all their life.” It’s a fact. But nature’s not idyllic. Nature’s about spreading your genes. Let’s have a look at the harmony among ducks: Fidelity: The… Read More

#206 July 25.

#206 July 25. What you need to fall in love: dopamin, nor-adrenalin and phenylaethylamin. Then some endorphines and oxytocin to keep it up. Testosterone will keep the female sexually receptive. So what happens is that the male sees… Read More

#205 July 24.

#205 July 24. As work shifted out of the fields and the home, children had to be prepared for factory life. The early mine, mill, and factory owners of industrializing England discovered, as Andrew Ure wrote in 1835,… Read More

#204 July 23.

#204 July 23. i finally figured it out. that nagging head pain, reoccuring periodically enuf to be a bother. throbbing enuf to be a hindrance to daily function. i finally figured out what it was!!! you’re sailing along,… Read More

#203 July 22.

#203 July 22. regardless of whether a man with long hair appeals to me, a man with intelligence and wit and a twisted bent world view, regardless of whether he has that twinkle in his eye and that… Read More