#202 July 21.

#202 July 21. Actually, I still don’t quite really believe that existence is possible without pain. For years I wondered how everyone else was so good at pretending to be happy, while I could never quite keep up… Read More

#201 July 20.

#201 July 20. I seem to enjoy wallowing in angst, or bad situations in general. Give me a death in my family (none, unfortunately) or a good war or disaster or a failed or unfulfilled relationship or just… Read More

#200 July 19.

#200 July 19. Got up at 8:00 a.m. Went to work. Worked Went home. Ate Had a few beers. went to sleep. Woke up next morning. watched the ags get trounced by ND. ack! much like every other… Read More

#199 July 18.

#199 July 18. I’ve decided that happiness is fundamentally unstable. I suppose there are those who are nearly always happy, but they always seem to come across as ignorant somehow…they tend to have some sort of crutch that… Read More

#198 July 17.

#198 July 17. There are women who feel guilty about their sexuality, and would prefer all interactions to be the guy’s idea. If they say no in an ambiguous way, certain guys (most, I’d say) won’t interpret it… Read More

#197 July 16.

#197 July 16. All I’m doing is belatedly adopting the rules other people live by, regardless of what they tell themselves. I’m not entirely happy about it. It’s a compromise. I’d like things to be more friendly, and… Read More

#196 July 15.

#196 July 15. There are definitely things I don’t care about anymore. Like, I don’t care whom I hurt anymore. For example, I have no problem with the idea of encouraging some woman to break up with another… Read More

#195 July 14.

#195 July 14. You guys are a great help! Thanks! Not only does it help knowing other people do or have felt like this, but some of your have developed great ways of dealing with these feelings. Its… Read More

#194 July 13.

#194 July 13. First time I started feeling down and completely unmotivated was right after school; I was wondering whether all the plans I had made for the future were “right” (in terms of being successful one day… Read More

#193 July 12.

#193 July 12. This is the first time I’ve actually spent any time reading alt.angst, and I must say its damn scary how closely I relate to what’s written here. Realizing things-are-naturally-fucked-up-and-there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about- it-so-you’s-damn-well-better-get-used-to-it is really tough on one’s… Read More