#204 July 23.

#204 July 23.

i finally figured it out. that nagging head pain, reoccuring periodically
enuf to be a bother. throbbing enuf to be a hindrance to daily function.
i finally figured out what it was!!!

you’re sailing along, think you’ve dealt with the mysteries of life for the
day, have put the angst poking at you from the back of your brain aside
and are trying to get on with it. life isn’t necessary good, but at least
on an even keel. then WHAP! SMACK!@ a 2 x 4 wallops you upside the head.
wood splinters and imbeds on the side of your skull.

“what were you thinking?? you thought you had it all figured out??”
“everything you thought was wrong! all your answers are bogus!”
“all the things you thought you knew are bogus! everything you
figured out about your life is bogus!!”


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