#206 July 25.

#206 July 25.

What you need to fall in love: dopamin, nor-adrenalin and phenylaethylamin.
Then some endorphines and oxytocin to keep it up. Testosterone will keep the
female sexually receptive.

So what happens is that the male sees a female capable of bearing children,
and tries to do all sorts of tricks to sneak his twanger up inside her.
They fall in love, and nature is now providing them with around 7 months to
procreate. After this the feeling disappers or changes. These 7 months
infatuations are, among other things, called “May-December Romances”. When the
infatuation wears off, they might split, or turn it into “love”.
If the male stays, he’ll probably also get “The 7-year Itch”. The kids are old
enough for him to leave, everything has become routine, and he still has more
sperm to squeeze out inside females.

There. You’ve learned two new words again. Then it might also interest you
that women are attracted to men with high status that can offer them security
and provide. So, nerds with no money and status and nasty thoughts are not
going to procreate.
A woman wants a Man.

Likewise, females that do not look healthy in body and spirit are less likely to
get the partner of their dreams.


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