#207 July 26.

#207 July 26.

“90% of all birds, stay with the same partner all their life.”

It’s a fact. But nature’s not idyllic. Nature’s about spreading your genes.
Let’s have a look at the harmony among ducks:

Fidelity: The male will try to fuck as many females as he can get away with. If
the female is unfaithful her partner will punish her by stopping to feed the
offspring or by not defending her and the nest.

Rape: It’s not uncommon to see a troupe of male ducks rape a female. Her partner
will make mch noise, but cannot do anything against the rapists. When they are
finished he’ll fuck her himself, just to make sure that there’s a chance it’ll
be his genes that are carried on.

-Abstract of work by swedish biologist Anders Pape Moeller.

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