#208 July 27.

#208 July 27.

Later Anders Pape Moeller caught the male swallow and spent the day watching
what the female did in his absence. The female was offered lots of sex by male
swallows that came looking. The male neighbours came by for a fuck, and the
female usually allowed the older males that had a partner, but not the
partner-less young swallows. But they can get their chance by killing her
offspring. If a female hasn’t had any success with a bunch of eggs, she’ll be
looking for a new partner.
Ironsparrows have more males than females. The males are grouped into
dominating ones (with partner) and weak ones (without partner). The weak ones
will feed the offspring, if they’re allowed to fuck one of the dominating males’
partner. Otherwise, it’ll do it’s best to smash the eggs. Females are interested
in getting as many partners as possible, because it means food and protection is
provided by more males. They live in bushes, and it’s easy for the female to
find a partner. If she’s away from the nest when her principal partner returns
he’ll peck on her porthole until the rivals sperm drips out, then fuck her

-Abstract of work by swedish biologist Anders Pape Moeller.

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