#209 July 28.

#209 July 28.

More about birds.
The goshawk is a predator. the female stays at the nest while the male flies out
to get food. If another male comes by, she’ll let herself get fucked in return
for food. That’s why the goshawk is the number one bird when it comes to fucking
with 500 to 600 fucks a season. The male has to make sure that he’s the most
possible father of the offspring.
Then there’s of course the the cukoo (in the nest), but we all know about that

Oh, and while we’re at it, war is not uncommon among animals, neither is

And all these damned happy indian tribes or people in the south pacific that
worshipped Mother Nature, clean water, children, astrolgy, female goddesses,
peace, love, sex and vegetarianism were all neurotic, stupid and constipated.
And actually very very unhappy most of the time. New Age and Nature my arse!

-Neugamme and Anders Pape Moeller

(Ander Pape Moeller is teaching biology at the University of Upssala, Sweden,
and writing for the swedish “Naturen och Os”. Neugamme is nasty.)

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