#215 August 3.

#215 August 3.

> …

Jesus Fuck, either that took you two days to type or you can do
30,000 words a minute. That Liz chick was thanking you “for being you”
because to her that means that you’re so nice and gullible
that you’ll take care of her while she’s “snogging” with some bozo
she just picked up. In the back of YOUR CAR no less! You should
have killed them both on the spot, or at least made her find her
own ride home.

When _I_ have had that “thanks for being you” line used on ME, it’s
meant “I know you’re romantically interested in me, but you’re such
a puffball that you’ll let me walk all over you and just come back
for more”. If you want to be treated like a human being then drop
her now. If Liz really wanted you she’d have been “snogging” with
YOU the day you met her; since you’re not, then she won’t see you
as a romantic interest. Get away from her before you’re forced to hear
about how badly her relationship with the bogan is going.

-Eric Murray

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