#217 August 5.

#217 August 5.

> […] i’m bitchy as hell, probably because the room spins when i move my
> head too fast

Well, that’s to be expected, it’s all a joke, reality I mean, it’s not
very versatile and it doesn’t react very quickly, 1000 lines of C code
on a Commodore 64, if you try to look at too much at once it all
starts to flicker. So if you were wondering whether there can be
anything more in life than just the same stuff over and over, well no
there can’t, that’s all there is to it, sorry, maybe the next version
will be better that way.

Besides, we don’t like it if you stress the illusions we’ve made for
you, stick to the standard demos, we’re sure we’ve worked them out

>and i still feel somewhat as if large people with even
>larger sticks have been beating on me.

See what I mean? But anyway, it hasn’t been debugged very well,
if you do anything strange it might all malfunction or even hang.

-Jay Paul Chawla

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