#218 August 6.

#218 August 6.

>most people agree that angst is what you feel in response to the
>realization that life sucks and really doesn’t have any great design
>behind it. people write here about the echoes of this futility in their
>lives, about the pain of fighting this void, about why and how they
>manage to find (or create) meaning in their lives anyway.

I’d include that feeling of helplessness when you think you’ve figured life out,
you’re content with your current existence/life pattern/failure
rate/car/job/attempts to change/whatever, and you appear to be acting under your
own volition when *WHAM!* something from COMPLETELY out of the blue wriggles in,
yells “Boo!” and screws up all of your ideas about why things happen the way
they do.

Mother Nature DOES play dice with the Universe. Sadly, they’re loaded.

-have clue, will travel

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