#241 August 29.

#241 August 29.

In movies, courage is rewarded; if people screw up their courage, then
no matter what else happens, they’re Better People For It. Really, if
courage earns a tangible reward then fine but if it fails it may be good
it may be bad but I think usually nothing happens “wisdom” is so often
irrelevant you think what you want but afterward your mood reflects your
situation and your emotions, that’s all, your beliefs are just a
footnote your mind goes blank for an instant one day and you realize you
feel almost exactly as you did two years ago and even if in a similar
situation three years ago or one year ago you did it right it doesn’t
matter this time you’re going to do it wrong because you have learned
nothing that means anything. You can search your wisdom for solutions,
manipulate your little mental self-image forward and backward in
time, give your little self-image advice and try to make it succeed. So
finally the little self-image is sitting there triumphant at the top of
the hill, and you are almost as content as if it were really you who had
succeeded. But when it is really you who must do it, you find that the
self-image was inaccurate because you can’t simultaneously remember all
the ways you can be ornery. Or after reaching the top of the hill you
see that while you were busy succeeding on one front, you forgot and
overstepped ten other self-imposed boundaries, and your “success” was
just another in a rotating set of failures.

-Captain Stability

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