#251 September 8.

#251 September 8.

> One of the best things that I ever read long ago was something or other that
> said ALL of our perceptions are illusion. We are creatures incapable of
> knowing objective absolute reality (if indeed it even exists!)
> So if our life is really an illusion, why not make that a HAPPY illusion?

Shit, why not make yourself Superman while you’re at it? Or Jesus? “I don’t
like the color of the sky–I think it will be pink today.”

A little philosophy is a dangerous thing. Most of the people that I know who
are miserable most of the time are miserable because of things that happened to
them in the past, usually during childhood, or are depressed because of
chemical imbalances in their brains. Telling them that the former might have
been an illusion denotes a stunning lack of empathy, and suggesting that they
wish away the latter is purest fantasy.

-Tom Dennis

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