#264 September 21.

#264 September 21.

Ulcers are common and hurt very much. At times your stomach is burning, and
you cannot find a position where it doesn’t hurt. Other times you feel very
hungry. The pain can get so intense that you can feel it in your back.
And you’re so afraid that the expensive medicine isn’t enough, that they’ll
have to operate. And the shitting black blood part is not nice at all either.
Alchohol makes it worse, so you’ll have more than a hard time if you cannot
sleep either. You’ll just lie there wondering if your stomach will burst or
you’ll go mad first. You think that it’ll be horrible, but at least then you’ll
get some help. A man can break his arm and get instant help, but he can go on
being severly depressed and neurotic for 20 years without any help.


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