#269 September 26.

#269 September 26.

i do want to find a hole to hide in. i’m so sick and tired of my life
and the shape that it’s in.. sleeping all the time sounds nice in
comparison. at least dreams are fairly interesting, unlike the same
old life, day after pointless day after pointless day…

some say i’m talented, but i don’t see what that gets me. i’m too
insane, and can’t conform in the slightest to any expectations of
me. the moment someone expects me to be brilliant, i’ll immediately
act dumb. the moment someone expects me to follow the rules, i’ll
break them all. the moment someone expects me to achieve in life,
i’ll fail miserably.

i wish i could just find a hole to hide, and then have someone
fill it in with dirt.

afterall, it’s pretty much pointless, anyway.

even if my life weren’t pointless in itself.

damn, i want a .45 so bad.

-jason downs

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