#27 January 27.

#27 January 27.

I’d just like to tell everyone that, as I’m typing this,
I’m fucking this girl I just met (you can imagine the
position). Now, this girl is beeeeeaaautiful, and she
and I would just like to express our disdain at this time
for you pathetic alt.angsters who couldn’t get laid if you
were eggs in a hen’s distended uterus.
Well, since her back is to the screen, I’d just like to tell
everyone how I’m going to treat her like shit, so that she can
go to some guy like most of you, who she’ll talk to platonically
about how bad I treat her, while all the while the guy she’s
talking to is desiring her madly, but, being the sensitive
alt.angst type he is, is afraid to say anything. Then, having
worked out her frustrations talking to the poor, sensitive
alt.angst type, she’ll come back to me for some more good sex,
and I’ll treat her like shit again.
Life’s good.

-Brad Baillod

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