#30 January 30.

#30 January 30.

Its so easy in our society to manufacture happiness and convince
people that they’re happy when they’re really not. You’re never
supposed to be sad or show distress or angst, that would disturb
others and make them think, rather than having them trudge along
blindly buying everything you can sell them. With so much stuff
out there claiming to be real and offer contentment, its hard to
know when you really are happy, and when you’re just being anesthetized.

But at least you know for sure when you hurt. At least you can trust pain.
You *KNOW* when somebody’s stomping on you.

I’m not a masochist(although some will undoubtedly say that I am), just
somebody who prefers to live in the real world, instead of some
corp-generated,packaged, synthesized pseudo-reality that people keep
trying to shove down my throat.

For me angst is a part of reality that most people don’t want to face.
They just want to be left alone, anethestized.
I’d much rather prefer to be awake…

-Stephen Okay

”Welcome to the Politically Correct States of America. Please turn your mind
in to the nearest oppressed minority pressure group. It will be returned to
you once we’ve decided what you can think”

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