#31 January 31.

#31 January 31.

The point I was trying to make is that post-teenage angst is the sense that
you wasted your one and only chance to change the world, or at least your
section of it on trivial things and now there’s nothing you can do about it.
You wasted your rebellious and socially awake years on sheer lawlessness and
undirected rebellion and when you finally got around to channelling that anger
and energy into something useful, its too late!!…they’re forcing you to go off
to college and get a career that you’ll slave at for the next 2-3 decades and
trying to force you into being part of the machine….

But IS that the whole point of everything?? Is that ALL that there is to do?
Why should I HAVE to feel like I’m missing something just because I don’t
have a whole bunch of ankle-biters running around in a suburban house that
I owe some bank my life for?
Do you have to get married and owe sombody $450K just to be happy?
Not IMHO. I may be angstful and depressed at times, but I think I’m actually
happier this way that if I were one amongst the masses.

If being a drone is what success in the game is all about, I for one am
not playing! I refuse to perpetuate the crap that is constantly being handed
from the previous generation to their successors on the one to succeed me.

-Stephen Okay

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