#328 November 24.

#328 November 24.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

Yes, I called the mom-unit and explained that I didn’t feel like driving
for six hours after I get off of work tonight, just to have dinner with
my family. I didn’t want to tell her the real reason. I hate to go home.
Every time I go home to my “White, Upper-Middle-Class, House-on-the-hill,
well-educated, successful, *Ward and June Cleaver*,all american, two-parent,
nuclear-family,” everyone argues, just like when we were little kids. There
are snyde comments, everyone still remembers all the buttons to push on the
others, and of course, everyone has to compare lifestyles, salaries, spouses,
and all that other social-climbing-excrement.

-Alan Dye

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