#330 November 26.

#330 November 26.

I knew someone who suicided years ago. He was a chemical engineer and
I don’t know what he used, but he made it appear to be a heart attack
to everyone else. (He left a secret note to his wife, explaining what
he had **really** done.) He set it up very carefully. He was a VP at a
major corporation and told his co-workers going to a restaurant for
lunch, to go ahead without him; that he would meet them there. Of
course, when they came back and found him dead of an apparent heart
attack, his wife was still able to collect on the insurance. This
person never talked about killing himself, lived his life to the
fullest (he was a “hard” liver). He **did** tell me once that he
wasn’t afraid of dying and that when he got fed up of it, he would
just end it and it wouldn’t be any big deal. At the time, I thought it
was just talk.

-Jack Petrilli

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