#333 November 29.

#333 November 29.

If you’re a Christian, you’re doomed to hell if you don’t accept Christ
as your personal “savior.” Other than that, you’re stuck in this permanent
“blissed” out state called “Heaven,” that would have to get awfully dull.

If you’re Buddhist or Hindu, you wind up getting recycled for billions of
years until you finally get a clue and realize your true nature, which
once you realize it, you realize you can’t remain “blissed” out and you
wind up spinning yourself out all over again into the vicious cycle of
birth and death.

If you’re Muslim, you wind up as a virtual slave of Allah (although I
realize that Sufism is a lot different). Sheesh. What’s up here? I
mean, will this wretchedness ever cease? No matter what, you lose. If
you’re snuffed, you lose. If you’re Christian and wind up in either
heaven or hell, you lose. If you’re Buddhist or Hindu and wind up getting
reincarnated, you lose, if you’re Muslim, you get to sharecrop Allah’s
domain, so you lose. If you kill yourself, you lose. So I guess the only
thing to do is just kind of hang, and pray [sic] that when your number
comes up, it won’t be worse than what you have right now.

-Erik Radmall

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