#358 December 24.

#358 December 24.

This really is the absolute end, the final chilling desolation, in which the
whole majestic sweep of creation becomes extinct. This, ladies and gentelmen is
the proverbial “it”…After this there’s noting. Void. Emptiness.
Oblivion. Absolute nothing…

It’ marvellous though to see so many of you here tonight – no isn’t it
though? Yes, absolutely marvellous. Because I know that so many of you come here
time and time again, which I think is really wonderful, to come and watch the
final end of everything, and then return home to your own eras…And raise
families, strive for new and better societies, fight terrible wars for what you
know to be right…it really gives one hope for the future of all lifekind.
Except of course that we know it hasn’t got one…

-Douglas Adams, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”

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