#359 December 25.

#359 December 25.

Without owning pain and rage, it’s difficult to trust someone’s sense of what
is good. And it seems to me that a person has a right to own that pain and to
scream as a result of it. And we have to teach that to ourselves, ot our
friends, and, most importantly, our children. When I was a kid I wish someone
had said “You have the right to break any fucking thing around you because of
the suffering you are going through”, instead of “Shut up!”
What I would like to say is that I’m dying to see my child navigate the
waters between the womb and death on her own terms, on life’s terms, without her
mother and me burdening her with our sins, the greatest sin being that of
ignorance. Because we have not confronted our own conflicts, our own sins, we
will burden our children with what has been going on since time began. That’s
what I’m interested in. We made the movie because that’s our responsibility to
these children.

-Harvey Keitel on “The Bad Lieutenant”

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