#364 December 30.

#364 December 30.

> Do you think that you’re the only one who’s ever been alone? Who’s ever
> been down? Who’s ever had a depression New Year’s?

What difference does that make?

Went to a party. Had a pretty girl throw confetti into my
hair. Discovered that I was just sitting there, watching the
other guests having fun. Left the party to lay on the floor
next to my stereo and hear depressed music. Went back just
in time for midnight. Left 10 minutes later. Watched the
the fireworks for a while (I live on a hill – great view).
Saw my favourite german dubbed kung-fu movie for God knows
which time. Tried to sleep, but my internal organs wouldn’t
let me relax. No proper sleep before 11. Same procedure as
last year.

-Jesper Lauridsen

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