#51 February 20.

#51 February 20.

…. He told of how he couldn’t handle it anymore, how he thought
nothing would get any better, and how he sat on his bed, crying, cutting into his
wrists. He looked at a picture of himself and two friends from a team he was on.
He looked. he could only find one reason to keep going, and that was for his
one friend in the photo.

Things just got worse. His former girlfriend had been raped, he felt alone.

He tried again. He slashed his wrists, and was bleeding, but then he stopped,
and thought about his friend, and crying, patched himself up.

When he got to school, he couldn’t hide the scars from his friends. They tried
to get him to talk to the guidance counselor, etc. His old girlfriend saw the
scars, showed him her wrists, and said, “Now we match.”

he couldn’t take it. he couldn’t take knowing that he was that girl’s only
support, that his life seemed hopeless, that it seemed like it would never get
better, just keep crushing him again and again. he was sobbing, and he cut his
wrists one last time. he laid there, but couldn’t get his friend from the
photograph out of his mind. His one friend. The only thing he had to live for.

He went to the bathroom and bandaged up his wrists.

-Saul Hudson

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